:: WHO I AM ::

I’m Laura. I’m a passionate functional medicine practitioner who helps those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & related conditions reclaim their energy, joy, and clarity and truly thrive again.

My clients usually have reactivated Epstein-Barr virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS, adrenal fatigue, mold illness, parasitic infections of the GI tract, various environmental toxicities, or some combination of the above. My practice is 100% virtual and I work with clients all over the U.S.

I’m a primary care provider in the state of California (LAc), a certified Functional Medicine practitioner through the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine, and I have a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from AIMC Berkeley.

My approach to CFS recovery uses functional testing to figure out multiple underlying imbalances that generally lead to it. By looking at these root causes, we can see what’s affecting what and what likely needs to be addressed first.

Then I work with you to remove these multiple underlying “triggers” like viruses/bacterial overgrowth/fungal overgrowth/toxins, replenish various vitamins and minerals that need to be replenished, then restore your cellular energy levels and other body systems that need restoring so you can reclaim real energy, clarity, and a life in alignment with your true health.

:: MY STORY ::

My story started sometime between being a kid and my early 20s and came on slowly. My own “fatigue” journey was a long one… so long I didn’t realize I was on it until I was so deeply in the thick of it.

I used to feel too exhausted to walk my dogs on our flat suburban sidewalks for more than 15 minutes. I’d be scared of going to an old friend’s backyard weekend BBQ because I thought I might get a migraine or feel so much sensory overload that I’d need to excuse myself to the bathroom just to stare at the wall until I felt decompressed.

Functional medicine truly changed my life. Through functional testing, I was able to see my exact imbalances (extreme adrenal fatigue + digestive system dysbiosis). I could see what was affecting what and get the big picture of my health. Because I could see the big picture, I was able to strategize a plan to correct my unique imbalances using science-backed natural remedies. Along the way, I discovered a life full of energy, mental clarity, and a deep joy that I’d never experienced before.

I soon became incredibly passionate about helping other people with adrenal fatigue and started working with clients with extreme chronic fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mold illness, and more. I love helping my clients get their lives back from the “hidden illnesses”  conventional medicine doesn’t often understand.

I’ve now worked with clients with CFS, reactivated Epstein-Barr, adrenal fatigue, mitochondrial damage, gut pathogens/parasites, blocked detoxification pathways, thyroid irregularities, Hashimotos, and much more.

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I absolutely love hot peppermint or licorice tea, sparkling water, and the darkest of the darkest chocolate. When I’m not decoding health cases, I spend my time reading books on my kindle (near-death experiences have my attention at the moment), urban hiking with my dogs, browsing Netflix but ultimately deciding on Friends re-runs, and continually learning about mental and physical health. I live with my husband and our two sweet staffy dogs in Los Angeles.