My #1 SIMPLE & Healthy Paleo Breakfast

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Count Me In
by Laura D'Itri in dairy free, food, gluten free, paleo, recipes
June 14, 2018

I’m not big on cooking. I like to eat fancy food when it’s around (don’t we all) but cooking feels like such a chore to me. I’d rather be working with clients, walking the streets with my dogs, or doing almost anything else.

It’s only when I’m hungry that I think about food. And I can basically survive off an incredibly boring combo of hardboiled eggs, raw celery, and avocado for dinner. As long as I’m full of healthy food, I’m fine.

So when I find something that’s just as easy as grabbing random healthy snacks out of the fridge in an attempt to fill myself up at breakfast time…. it’s pretty exciting…!

I wanted to share with you the one breakfast I’ve been having almost every day lately that’s so incredibly simple, healthy, and filling. I’m gluten free, dairy free, and most days grain free as well. I often advocate the same diet to my clients, as dairy and gluten are two of the most inflammatory foods for many people (including myself).

Trying to think of a catchy name for this thing is not something I’m at all used to or good at, so I’ll just call it “Paleo English Muffin Pizza.” =)

This paleo english muffin pizza is full of healthy fats, some protein and is filling even in it’s small size.

You’ll need:

Toast english muffin. Spread on “cream cheese.” Top with tomato, avocado, and sliced turkey/chicken if desired. Finish with sea salt & pepper.

See how easy?


I advocate “organic whenever possible.” Even though the english muffins and cream cheese aren’t organic, I’ll look forward to the day when they may be and use organic everything else this time.

Mikey’s and Kite Hill products are ALL across the country now, even in some Target and Publix stores. Here’s what they look like:

(Chopper dog not necessary to enjoy your healthy breakfast but it helps)

…And that’s about it!

This breakfast is filling because of all the healthy fat, but only has about 16 grams of protein without the turkey or chicken. If you’re currently recovering from adrenal fatigue or HPA axis dysregulation, then you may know I recommend having MORE protein than the average person in your meals. When your body is in a state of catabolic physiology because of adrenal fatigue, you need those extra amino acids to make up for what your metabolism is taking away.

If you’re staying away from eggs, know that the paleo english muffin has eggs… but I’ve seen other companies make paleo “bread” that doesn’t, and would be just as easy to slice and toast. Or of course if you don’t have a problem with grains… you can use a whole grain egg-free gluten-free bread substitute as well.

I love to hear from you! Let me know below how you like this or if you have your own favorite breakfast recipe to share.❤️

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clinical tidbits + the latest research for reversing chronic fatigue syndrome

Count Me In