The following clients have worked with me to overcome reactivated Epstein-Barr virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS, adrenal fatigue, mold illness, MARCoNS, parasitic infections & bacterial imbalances of the GI tract, and various environmental toxicities.

Before I started working with Laura, my life was pretty nonexistent. I was not sleeping well at night, I was tired all day long and my brain fog was preventing me from being able to work for more than 1 hr a day. Thinking straight was out of the question. I was in a total blur walking around like a zombie… literally!! I was extremely frustrated with my life and thought it was never going to get better and I would never have enough energy to do more than one task a day. After the first 2 weeks into Laura’s CFS program, my energy started to surface and had some more energy to actually start working on a project I could never start in the past. I needed to create income for myself but never had the mental energy to start the trainings and complete them. As the weeks continued, I was able to study more on a daily basis, complete the homework and actually create income for myself. This in itself is total life changing for me because I went from doing nothing, having disorganized thinking to accomplishing something and planning out my days with ease. Sleeping is steady, fatigue and brain fog are gone!! All and all an excellent, easy to follow program designed by Laura to improve my life to the next level.” -Amy S.

“Depression.  Anxiety.  Fatigue.  These symptoms, along with many other more minor ones (not sleeping well, weight gain, acne, general feelings of not feeling quite like myself) were things I had been experiencing for over three years.  Laura has been an incredible guide on my journey to beginning to heal.  After only a month of following her diet change suggestions, supplement recommendations, and exercise protocol, I feel like a new person; or, rather, feel like my old self again!  I have a ton of energy, feel more emotionally balanced, am sleeping peacefully, and the list goes on and on.  Laura is a gentle guide, gives quick, yet thoughtful responses, and is understanding in what my priorities are in healing.” -Bethany J., proud mother of 7

“In the past 5 years I have been in to see my doctor several times due to the fact that my hormones felt way off, and I felt like something was definitely wrong with my digestive system. The doctors did blood tests twice over the 5 years and told me that since I was within range there was nothing wrong with me. They also kept telling me to up my fiber. Obviously that didn’t work. I finally was referred to Laura and she met with me and decided to do tests on my adrenals. We found out that I had stage 3 adrenal fatigue and H. Pylori. I wasn’t crazy!!! I still get teary eyed when I re-tell this story. Laura put me on the proper supplements to help me get better, and now about 5 months later I am feeling back to normal! I can’t thank Laura enough for helping me get the proper diagnosis and treatment.-Melanie C., yoga studio owner & instructor

“I am so glad I found Laura! She is wonderful – she’s sweet, caring, and very intuitive. She has helped me immensely with digestive and hormonal issues. I feel like I’m finally in balanced heath. She truly cares about her patients; she even remembers little details I’ve mentioned about myself and family. ” -Jenn L., mother of 2 and biologist

“I have been on the plan for about 18 days… The results are very exciting! I have lost about 10 lbs, a bunch of inches, and in the shower, I am losing about half as much hair…. I am lifting weights with a program my personal trainer developed for me. I feel GREAT. I am so relieved to be seeking results! Thank you!!!” -Danneca S., joyful mother of 11

“I never heard of adrenal fatigue before Laura and I was having so many issues so I took the test and turned out to be in stage 3 adrenal fatigue! She helped me help get back on track. My sleep has improved dramatically and my energy level has gotten better. I had gone to my regular doctor and received nothing but wanting to put me on medication for depression. I didn’t want to do that. Thank you Laura for helping me figure out my problem!! I feel so much better!!” -Kathryn D., mother, grandmother, and personal trainer

I used to feel awful all the time and for so many years it just got progressively worse. I had a multitude of issues including stomach aches, tired all day then I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am, I would get angry or irritated often, and so much brain fog I couldn’t remember what I had for breakfast that morning. Laura discovered 2 different parasites and extreme adrenal fatigue, along with “mitochondrial damage.” I’ve been working with her for a few months. She has given me supplements and food ideas for my adrenal fatigue and I am now doing a detox she recommended, having made it through the parasite plan also. My digestion is so much better and I can even think more clearly! My energy levels have improved by nearly 70% and I’m so confident I have found the right person to really work with me and understand my issues. I feel after nearly 13 years like this, someone believes me and is able to help me. I’m getting my life back. I know I still have a long way to go but so far Laura has been organized, very knowledgable, and caring. I trust her ability to help me be me again.” -Alena S., graphic designer

“I just want you to know that I believe God sent you in my path for healing. I dont think I would have recovered without your knowledge and insight.” -Leilani R., proud mother of 2



If you need functional medicine help recovering from reactivated Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, adrenal fatigue, mold toxicity, or related conditions… let’s set up a plan to get your health back.

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“I met Laura purely by the grace of God via her Facebook page for Adrenal Fatigue. I had been struggling with health issues for well over a year and went from Dr to Dr only to feel worse after “crashing” from their high doses of meds and hormones. After I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue by a Naturpath I left that practice due to only being given B Vitamins. I found a Holistic Chiropractor that got me feeling a little better, but I still knew things weren’t “right”. That’s where Laura came into play. We had conversed via her page and I felt she was the person who would be able to get to the true cause of my issues. She confirmed the stage 3 AF, did further testing that revealed EBV and H Pylori! I have come a long way in the few months that I have had my diagnosis and all ready feel much better! Laura is so helpful, intelligent and caring. I have so many supplement sensitivities and she is always there for me when something isn’t meshing well with my body to suggest an alternative. I know that with time and the help of Laura I will be feeling stronger and healthier than I have in a long time!”

UPDATE: “I need to update you, but have been so busy!!  I am feeling FANTASTIC and it’s a bit scary…I keep waiting to crash. We have company this week and I didn’t get anxiety about it which is a first in over two years!!” -Sue O., retired travel agent, wife, mother of two, grandma to Casey

“Laura is a caring & insightful professional. Working with Laura I have finally received some answers for the fatigue I was experiencing and she has helped me make great progress. I have recommended her to close friends and would recommend anyone dealing with fatigue issues to work with her.” -Christine G., proud mother and figure skater

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me for so many months. I’ve been so much better since your protocol. Again, thank you for giving me my life back.” –Jasmin D., proud wife and mother of 3

“While the first week was tough with detox symptoms (I had been eating plenty of bread, dairy, sugar, eggs, and corn prior to starting), I’m actually noticing some pretty big changes. The biggest and most exciting is that I’ve slept for about 6 nights in a row!! My summer, and phases throughout the last two years really, have been horrible with sleep. My legs aren’t achy, I haven’t felt that horrible weak, heavy feeling, as if my legs and arms are filled with sand, and I haven’t had pain in my gallbladder area for about a week…. Laura knows what she’s talking about! I’m so looking forward to what the next several months bring! I actually jumped on the trampoline with my kids today and felt fine afterward!” -Nicole D.

“After months on end of extreme fatigue, symptoms of Mononucleosis, acne, and weight gain I had been diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus. For a few months, once diagnosed, I had been treated by an Infectious Disease Doctor, but was still not seeing the best results. I was not able to workout and had only wanted to get back to my normal self. As a college student, this virus had taken over and prevented me from spending time with friends and enjoying the best years of my life. After discovering Laura, we quickly went over a treatment plan. She was extremely understanding and so sweet! I am so happy my family and I discovered her! I have been on her plan for about two weeks now and am feeling great! My weight continues to go down each week, acne is clearing up, and I am starting to get back into the gym! Thank you so much for your help Laura! I am so grateful for you!” -Taylor S.

“When I started working with Laura, I had full blown EBV and stage 2 adrenal fatigue. I had researched and found that she was very well educated on helping people with EBV and adrenal fatigue. I started on her protocol and I really did well. I’m super sensitive to all foods and supplements so I had to start slow and even with that I recovered from the EBV and the adrenal fatigue in about 6 weeks. I have worked with her on and off due to having Breast Implant Illness and I had a lot of viruses, SIBO, and parasites to deal with. She helped me squash out the bad bacteria and viruses and even a whip worm (ugh). I continue to ask Laura any nutritional and health questions that I might have. I have been working with her for about 1 year now and my health has greatly improved. I work with her via email and it has worked out extremely well. She always responds within 24 hrs and always makes things very clear for me to understand. She is my go-to for my holistic health care. Thanks, Laura, for all your help!” -Teri K.

“Working with Laura has been a great experience! Before I started working with Laura I saw soooo many regular doctors and specialists and functional medicine doctors, but they were never able to get to the root of my issues. I just felt so sick and tired ALL the time. Once I started working with Laura, she ordered all of the tests that I needed to find the root cause and I finally felt like I had some answers. Through her supplement protocol, I was able to get rid of Candida, parasites, various gut infections and I got so much of my energy back. I also felt like Laura was the only practitioner that I’ve worked with who actually listened and had the knowledge and patience to walk me through this journey! I feel soooo much better after our work together.-Andreea M.

“2 ½  years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after retiring from my job.  Between the fear, brain fog, anxiety and fatigue it was hard to function.  A few months after surgery, the new functional doctor I was seeing for hormone help, told me I had adrenal fatigue.  I had minimal relief from the adrenal supplement he suggested, but didn’t have the energy or motivation to seek out better answers. I bought a book on it and joined some Facebook groups, but found all the information so confusing and many times conflicting. I thought all I needed was time to take some supplements, rest and heal, so I waited.

About a year and a half after my diagnosis, it finally hit me how bad I really was based on a conversation in one of my Facebook groups.  I was near the bottom and was told I needed hydrocortisone to get better. I knew the risks involved with this treatment and wanted to avoid it.  My doctor agreed and thought I could heal without it.  This was kind of my wake up call and fueled my determination to find a way to heal.  I worked on sleep, diet, supplements and reducing stress, along with educating myself regarding adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue.   The battle was on!

By divine intervention, I found the group Laura manages and made a snap decision to join one of her first blueprint classes.   The blueprint class was great and gave me access to ask Laura questions.  I struggled trying the supplement suggestions from the class due to my sensitivities, but found the other suggestions and encouragement helpful.   Once the class was done, Laura said she had a few openings to work with her one on one.  Again, I made another snap decision to join team Laura.  I knew it was my best shot at getting my life back and am so thankful for that decision. 

Within 2 weeks of starting Laura’s program I noticed improvement and knew I was on the right track.  Laura was easy to work with, an awesome coach and great at working with any limitations I had.  We have addressed the Epstein Barr I had no clue I had and are now working on resolving the adrenal fatigue, which should take a few more months.  I no longer have the daily fatigue and brain fog.  I have enough energy to do my typical daily activities, errands and a few social events.  My goal is to have enough energy to go on vacation with my family to Disney World and last through the long days at the parks.

I am so grateful I found Laura and having her to hold my hand through this process. Having someone to work with who has fought this battle and has helped many others fight to get well, makes all the difference in the world.” -Cindy K.


If you need functional medicine help recovering from reactivated Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, adrenal fatigue, mold toxicity, or related conditions… let’s set up a plan to get your health back.

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